Cahors Malbec

Cahors, The French Malbec
Malbec originates from France and has been grown there for centuries.
Cahors wines can be thought of as having three distinctive styles.
The Malbec grape has several typical aroma and flavor components such as Violet, Black currant, Cherry, Liquorice, Vanilla Menthol and Truffle.


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Exporting Pioneer
The marriage in 1152, between Alienor of Aquitaine and Henri Plantagenet, the future king of England, encouraged the development of winegrowing in Southwest France, especially in Cahors. The production of “The Black Wine of Cahors”, extremely appreciated by the British, grew considerably during this period. Henry the 3rd of England, “enjoined in 1225, the authorities of Bordeaux not to stop nor to impose a tax whatsoever on the wines that the merchants from Cahors, under his protection, were bringing to Gironde.” (“Patent Rolls of the reign of Henri III”. A.D. 1216-1225, p.528).


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