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Around the World

In France Malbec limited in volume, but found in many growing regions.
– In the Southwest, aside from its birthplace Cahors, it grows in the Bergerac, Pécharmant, Côtes de Duras, Buzet and Fronton appellation areas.
– In Bordeaux, it is included in the blends producing the following appellations: Bordeaux, Médoc, Graves, Saint Emilion, Pomerol, Fronsac, Sainte-Foy-Bordeaux and Côtes-de-Bourg.
– Under the name of Cot in the Loire Valley, it is used to produce Touraine-Amboise, Rosé d’Anjou and Valençay.
– In Languedoc, the Côtes de la Malepère and Cabardès appellations include vineyards of Malbec
– Last of all in Paris, Malbec plays the role of a therapeutic garden at the Bretonneau Hospital. The vineyard was planted by a grower from Cahors “to offer residents health care, but also stimulating activities… It is equally a way of rekindling fond memories… for who doesn’t have a harvest story to tell?”
Malbec in Argentina…
At present, this country has planted around 24,000 hectares of Malbec, representing practically two-thirds of the surface area under vine worldwide. In response to the question, “Which one do you prefer?” asked by Richard Woodward in the November 2007 issue of the magazine Drinks International, Michel Rolland, consultant for the two vineyards, answered: “When you have two children it is difficult to have a favourite. I drink both of them!”
… and even in California
Behind Argentina, comes Chile with a thousand hectares and even Uruguay (Tannat-Malbec blend). It is more discreet in Italy and in Spain (Ribera del Duero). Jancis Robinson noted traces of Malbec in South Africa and in California. Malbec has been also planted in Australia and in New Zealand.
Malbec Vineyards Total in 2007 (total area: 33,558 hectares)
(source: P. Fegan, The Chicago Wine School)
% ha
Argentina 71.5 24,310
France 19.5 6,630
Chile 3 1,020
Unites States 2 680
South Africa 1.2 408
Italy 1 340
New Zealand 0.5 170
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