Healthy Food powders in your food

We all love food, ranging from healthy to junk food, food is necessary to start and to end your day. Sometimes we might wonder if the food we’re eating is healthy or not, but do not worry. In this article, we’re going to discuss on some rare but healthy food powders that can be found in your food, be it packed or not. Make sure to read this article for you who want to stay healthy.


The name might sound a bit rare, but they are found in packed, processed food. To make it somewhat simple carrageenan is a seaweed extract that is used in the food that we eat every day, such as flour and starch. Carrageenan is also found in yogurt, ice cream, and milk, so the next time you’re buying something make sure that you read the ingredients. Carrageenan can improve gut health, have antioxidant support and many more, in case you want to know more make sure you check out carrageenan lesser known health benefits.


The leaves from the moringa tree that are crushed into powder are full of antioxidants, which means they’re good to manage your blood sugar while also improving your cholesterol. To make things a lot better moringa has a nutty flavor, which means it is perfect to be mixed with a smoothie or a fruit juice to keep you going.


Spirulina is made out of algae; they are high in protein, calcium, magnesium, vitamin B12, and more. The same as moringa powder, spirulina can be mixed into a smoothie and a fruit juice, which is perfect for the smoothie for your day or just to accompany your protein shake. Not a fan of juice? Spirulina is also perfect sprinkled on pesto, popcorn, and soup.

Tip: a small fun fact, spirulina can also be made into a face mask, as they have many great nutrients for your body and skin, so in case you’re curious, try out a spirulina mask!


Cocoa powder is famous to give a better taste in drinks or cake while giving you the fiber and magnesium that you need, which can improve your mood in the morning. So the next time you’re cooking a cake or perhaps a pudding, make sure that you use some cocoa powder in your food.

Tip: in case you want to get more healthy, make sure to swap your regular cocoa powder with an organic cocoa powder, which might cost a bit more in the market.


Skin Care Tips

In the current times, how you look matters a lot. It determines how people will judge you and interact with you. This is why it is important to look your best at all times. The health condition of your skin plays a major role in how you look. This means that you should take all the possible measures to ensure that your skin looks smooth and beautiful, to retain your good looks. Some of the things that you can do in relation to your skin care are explained below.

How to take care of your skin

Maintain good hygiene

rtkrtdjtfudr5r6t7liMaintaining proper hygiene is the first step to good skin care. You need to ensure that your skin remains clean at all times. To do this, you should take a shower or bath on a daily basis, and more times if necessary. When taking your shower, ensure that you use warm water. This is because hot water will interfere with the balance of natural oils produced by the skin and cold water will not be as effective in cleaning. You should also use good quality soap. If possible, choose an antiseptic soap or add antiseptic liquid to your bath water to ensure that you kill all the germs on the skin.

Use skin care products

There is a variety of skin care products available on the market. Most of them have great properties that can help to take care of your skin. For example, using sunscreen will protect your skin against the harmful effects of the sun whenever you are exposed to the sun. Some products can actually improve the health condition of the skin, such as treating acne and removing blemishes. However, you need to take many precautions when choosing a skin care product to use. There are some which may have harmful side effects on you. You should also consider your skin type before buying any skin care product.


rtkudr576tk5r76tYou should ensure that you consume foods that promote good skin health. A good part of your diet should include fruits and vegetables. This is because they are rich in the nutrients that your skin needs. Vitamins and antioxidants are the particular nutrients that you should look for, but not the only ones. You should also try to avoid foods that can result in allergic reactions that affect the skin. This varies from one individual to another, meaning that you need to identify the foods that affect you in particular.