Cahors Malbec

Cahors Malbec Days 2014 – Pics by Alix Cléments

Pictures of the event :

International Malbec Days 2010 – slide by Patrick Boillaud

Official pictures’ slide of the International Malbec days 2010 to be viewed here:

International Malbec Days 2010 video clip

Discover the video clip of  the International Malbec Days 2010 which took place on May 21st, 22nd and 23rd 2010 in Cahors, France:

Grape Radio: Scent of Black

The Scent of Black (Cahors) from GrapeVisions on Vimeo.

Paul Hobbs on Malbec in Cahors

Paul Hobbs, American wine consultant and wine maker, pexplains how consumers made the success of Malbec in the US:

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Cahors Malbec